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I just believe now in miracles.” You can hear the smile in Ruth Ellen Logan’s voice at the other end of the phone - despite the fact she’s at home in her sick bed, and not rushing around frantically, as is habitually the norm for the mum-of-two, who is originally from Randalstown.

Today, she is, unusually for her, feeling under par, and so is taking a much needed break before putting her foot back on the gas, and resuming her hectic life.

For times are indeed busy for the 32-year-old, who is wife to David, and mother to the couple’s own little pair of ‘miracles’ - two-year-old Aiyana, and baby Tommy, four months, as well as proprietor of The Beauty Company in Belfast, and practitioner of Maya Massage; she was the first person in Northern Ireland to introduce this non-invasive massage technique which helps to promote fertility.

Most recently, she trademarked her own fertility technique – ‘The Logan Fertility Method’ - which she has used to help over 180 women achieve their dream of becoming mothers. The demand for this treatment proved so high, that Ruth Ellen had to source and train therapists to work alongside her.

“We could take this even further, we could have more fertility practitioners, we could have a fertility retreat for people,” she tells me.

“I think really, the sky is the limit, and as long as I feel fulfilled and passionate about doing this, I will continue to do it.

“I think I am driven by the idea of helping women to have a baby because I don’t think that’s a scar that will ever really truly heal in me - what happened to me.”

Ruth conceived both her babies through IVF; her own journey of fertility struggles began when at the age of 28, after suffering two ectopic pregnancies, which resulted in her damaged Fallopian tubes having to be removed, she was told that IVF was her only option of having a family.

“It was a horrible, horrible low point in my life,” she admits.

Ruth Ellen had been running The Beauty Company for five years at this point, and she knew what it was like to have clients confide their problems in her. She knew she had natural skills in nurturing others, and when she discovered a therapy called Maya Massage, she knew that she needed a bit of therapy and nurturing now herself.

Maya Massage is an ancient abdominal massage that is used to gently manipulate the muscles and connective tissues that hold the pelvic organs in place. The massage can also assist in the positioning of the uterus, which is at core of the Arvigo Techniques (of Maya Massage). The ancient Mayan culture believed that the position of the uterus is vital to pelvic health, and if it’s out of position it can lead to women suffering from all kinds of problems such as menstrual pain, frequent urination, bladder problems, painful intercourse, adhesions, chronic cystitis and problems conceiving.

She found out that the therapy couldn’t be offered locally, so she travelled to London to train as a practitioner herself.

This was in March 2008 and Ruth Ellen was feeling passionate about learning this technique, and felt driven about embarking on a journey of self-healing.

“For me at that point it was about re-connecting with myself and acknowledging the trauma (I had been through),” she says.

“In June 2008 I went to America and did the professional training, came back and started into my case studies. By January 2009 I felt that I had sorted myself out and was ready to help others. I handed over all my beauty clients and started specialising in the Maya Massage and it just grew from strength to strength.”

Ruth Ellen believes that it was her own openness about her fertility issues that encouraged so many women to come to her for help. She reveals that she had kept her problems “very private” and as a result, unsuspecting people and clients made throwaway remarks to her such as: “You are so career driven, you wouldn’t want children.”

But Ruth Ellen felt she needed to take that step for women everywhere and “break the silence.”

She added: “Nobody likes to talk about their fertility, everybody likes to keep it a secret. And even though I was absolutely terrified, I took a very big step. When our existing clients found out that I was doing this therapy, I literally had a queue at my door, people who I had maybe known for three or four years who came to me for waxing were now coming in and telling me all about their fertility challenges.”

Ruth Ellen strongly feels that the taboo around infertility needs to be lifted, and women should be able to feel they can vocalise their experiences.

“The reason people can’t talk about the issue is because other people hurt them so badly when they do,” she says.

“People don’t know what to say and they say the most silly things. They say all the wrong things. We need to be more educated in dealing with people’s fertility challenges.”

Ruth Ellen created her own form of treatment, the Logan Fertility Method, to support the Maya Massage treatment; it is “my own unique combination of reflexology and acupuncture and Reiki.”

The key aspect that makes it different from the Arvigo Techniques is that it can be practised to treat women “right through therapies such as ovarian stimulation, Clomid, IVF and up until the 13th week of pregnancy”, whereas Ruth Ellen used Arvigo to prepare the body for fertility treatment.

She continues: “I get women in through the door who are at the lowest of the low points in their lives, but I don’t talk about my own journey to them. There is empathy, and then there’s being patronising and condescending. The reality is you really don’t know how somebody else feels. There’s no lip service, there’s no, ‘it will be OK’. I encourage women to say, ‘you know what? Right now it’s not OK - and that’s OK.’

“You get told so many times to go and relax and stop stressing and forget about it for a while - that is all absolute nonsense.

“We’ve created a sanctuary for women where they can come in and really open up and tell us things they would never tell anyone else, and it’s so therapeutic.”

Since January 2009, Ruth Ellen has helped ‘create’ 221 babies, to women who have been trying to realise their dreams of motherhood for as long as 20 years, and have been “trying everything under the sun.”

She adds poignantly: “I believe that I lost those pregnancies and was given that burden, because I had to do this with my life.”

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