Allister makes case for Mivan sub-contractors

Jim Allister

Jim Allister

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TUV leader Jim Allister has spoken of his disappointment over the news that Mivan is to cease trading.

“Many were quite shocked when, a couple of weeks ago, Mivan, which has always been regarded as very much a signature Northern Ireland company with a very high reputation across the world, suddenly hit the buffers,” Mr Allister said.

He added: “At that time, considerable optimism was expressed that much might be salvaged. It therefore came as a further blow yesterday to hear of the full-scale redundancies.

“I express some disappointment that the administrator moved so swiftly to full-scale redundancies and that such efforts as one thought might have been made to find buyers seem to have been terminated at a relatively early stage.

“There are for many of us echoes here of what happened with Patton’s, where another primary company suddenly collapsed, leaving in its wake a great trail of devastation among long-serving, loyal, hard-working workers. Its collapse also left a trail of subcontractors.

“It may be that Mivan, with much of its foreign work, had many subcontractors outside the jurisdiction, but it certainly had suppliers and subcontractors here, and one feels very strongly for them.

“I fear that, in the coming weeks and months, we may find the aftershocks of Mivan continuing to work through. The impact on County Antrim will, I fear, be considerable.

“I trust that, in those circumstances, the administrator and Invest Northern Ireland are doing all that can be done and that we will see more manifestation of that through a successful outcome than we have seen evidenced in the past two weeks by virtue of yesterday’s disappointing news.”

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