Brian Graham elected Mayor of Antrim

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The DUP’s Brian Graham has been elected as the 15th and final Mayor of Antrim.

Councillor Graham, who was first elected to council in 2001, was the only nominee put forward for the role as first citizen during last week’s AGM of Antrim Council.

Speaking after being elected, Cllr. Graham said he was delighted to follow on from this term as Deputy Mayor in being elevated to the position.

“When first elected to council in 2001, little did I know or have any desire that I would end up as the borough’s leading citizen,” Cllr. Graham said.

He added that he always thought the role of Mayor was for a retired person who had the time to give to the role.

“I stand corrected as I now find myself in that category having retired from my job with Royal Mail after 40 years,” Cllr. Graham said.

He added that in his 10 months in office, he intends to be as active as possible.

“I intend to be as active as possible within all areas of the borough bar none, doing what I do best in meeting community groups and individuals who make this borough what it is,” Cllr. Graham added.

UUP Councillor Drew Ritchie was elected as Deputy Mayor of Antrim. He was proposed by Mervyn Ritchie, seconded by Roy Thompson, with no other proposals for the post.

“I want to thank my fellow councillors for putting me in this very prestigious position,” Cllr. Ritchie said.

Meanwhile, out-going Mayor, Councillor Roderick Swann said it had been his privilege to represent the borough during his term as first citizen.

“I said from the start that I would try to cover as many events across the borough, whether that be orange, green, or anything in between,” Cllr. Swann said.

He added: “I attended as many events as I could and met lots of local people, good people.

“I was following on from some illustrious former Mayors and knew I had a lot to live up to.”

There was cross party congratulations of Cllr. Swann’s term as Mayor, with councillors agreeing that both Cllr. Swann and his Deputy Brian Graham had represented the borough well.

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