Brown welcomes young people’s sexual health strategy

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SOUTH Antrim MLA Pam Brown has welcomed the launch of Positive Life’s new Strategic Plan ‘Building a Positive Future’.

The new strategy will aim to provide support services, train, educate and raise awareness and lobby to affect positive change for people living with HIV.

Speaking after the launch Ms Brown said: “Sexually transmitted infections are one of the biggest causes of illnesses due to infectious disease in all age groups but is especially prevalent in young people with a 2011 survey showing an increase of 55% amongst the under 25s.

“I am alarmed that young people are ignoring the ‘safe sex’ message and are putting themselves at risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.”

Ms Brown, a member of the Assembly Health Committee, added: “I would like to congratulate Positive Life in the support they provide to those affected by HIV/AIDS and their tireless work in raising awareness and reducing the spread of the virus in Northern Ireland.”

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