Cameron concern at ‘neknomination’

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South Antrim MLA Pam Cameron MLA has spoken of her concern over the ‘neknomination’ trend.

“I know realistically that it is difficult for young people not to get caught up in social crazes, let alone pay heed to the voices of politicians or family members, but I would genuinely urge them not to risk their lives for a few minutes of entertainment,” Mrs Cameron said.

She added: “Our young people tend to think they are invincible but they need to realise that anything involving binge drinking can have huge repercussions for their health.

“There have been two deaths in the Republic of Ireland in recent days both linked to ‘NekNomination’ with one young man jumping into the River Barrow after taking part in the game.

“I do not want to see any other family grieving for a loved one as a result of a pointless ‘game’ perpetuated through social media.”

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