Clarke backs dementia fight

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South Antrim MLA Trevor Clarke has pledged his support in the fight against dementia and to help create dementia friendly communities in Northern Ireland.

Mr Clarke was among a number to MLAs and representatives from Alzheimer’s Society to provide a handwritten statement of the action to support people with dementia and their carers.

“Alzheimer’s Society was at Parliament Buildings in Stormont on to drum up political support for its trailblazing Dementia Friendly Communities initiative to help improve the lives of over 19,400 people with dementia in Northern Ireland,” Mr Clarke said.

A dementia-friendly community is a city, town or village where people with dementia are understood, respected, supported, and feel confident they can contribute to community life.

Heather Lundy, Dementia Friendly Communities Manager, said: “Dementia can happen to anyone and there is currently no cure, but with the right support, people can live well with dementia.

“Alzheimer’s Society is working to create dementia friendly communities in villages, towns and cities across Northern Ireland, to challenge stigma surrounding dementia and increase awareness of how to best to communicate, relate to and support people with dementia.”

Mr Clarke added: “I pledge to campaign for better dementia care in my constituency and help to make my constituency supportive so people with dementia can play a full role in our constituency.

“I would encourage all to help me with my pledge and examples of ways in which local shops, banks, and community organisations, including bus drivers, police and emergency services are working towards becoming dementia friendly can be found at”

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