Clarke concern over laundered fuel

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South Antrim MLA Trevor Clarke has raised the issue of laundered fuel with the Justice Minister.

Mr Clarke said he had recently been made aware of filling stations within Northern Ireland who are apparently selling laundered fuel.

“I was glad to have the opportunity to raise this important matter with the Minister of Justice asking him to outline the geographical locations of filling stations known to have been selling laundered fuel and what action his Department has taken, or proposes to take, to raise awareness of filling stations that have been found selling laundered fuel,” Mr Clarke said.

He added: “Whilst I accept the Minister’s clarification on the number of stations, and that he has written to the Treasury to ask for action to be taken, that does not diminish the fact that many of us, and members of the public, daily go to filling stations that are evading the taxes due, never mind the damage that laundered fuel may be doing to our cars.

“In the Minister’s response, he said that there are 200-odd registered filling stations, however, we, as elected representatives, are all very familiar with those filling stations that are not registered and, we can only assume, are selling illicit fuel.

“Therefore I have asked the Minister what action his Department, along with the Planning Service, will do to bring that to an end in Northern Ireland and maybe if central government would do more to reduce the cost of fuel, it may not be so lucrative for such places to sell laundered fuel.”

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