Clarke raises school issues in Assembly

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South Antrim MLA Trevor Clarke has sought assurances from the Education Minister over education provision at Creavery Primary School.

Mr Clarke raised the issue of the local primary during an adjournment debate in the Assembly last week.

The DUP Assemblyman said the reason he raised the debate in the Assembly was because of the problems with the accomodation for the school, describing it as “not fit for purpose”.

“Creavery Primary School is a small rural school between Antrim, Randalstown and Kells, with an enrolment of approximately 68 children and growing,” Mr Clarke said.

He added: “However, the reason for raising this debate in the Assembly ois that there are problems with the accommodation; it’s simply not fit for purpose.

“It was with that frustration that I asked for this debate to be raised with the Minister of Education as over the past few years, the board of governors of the school has shown frustration with the North Eastern Education and Library Board and its unwillingness to be proactive in looking to the future.”

Mr Clarke said that both in his role as a South Antrim representative, and a member of the Board of Governors of Creavery Primary School since 2005, he hade seen first-hand what excellent teaching staff there is in the school.

“With increasing enrolments we want to ensure a good future for the school, the staff and the pupils and the continuation of the good educational outcomes that we have had in that school,” Mr Clarke said.

He added: “To deliver those, we need modern facilities and accommodation so that the teachers are not expected to deliver that education in poor buildings and accommodation.

“This debate was greatly supportive by my colleagues and other South Antrim representatives and I was encouraged that the Minister’s focus shifted from the number of pupils to the quality of education that is being carried out within the school, which is evidently seen in the pupils grades, of which will have no issue in being accepted by their chosen school.

“Winding the debate down I asked for the Minister’s assurance to see what he can do so that we can continue to deliver quality education on a site that is fit for purpose.”

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