Community group hosts successful awareness event

Sara Best (SACN) Darren Richardson(Randalstown Cultural Awareness)Norah Mott (NCDG) and Paul Quigley(NCDG). INAT 14- NEILLSBROOK 2.

Sara Best (SACN) Darren Richardson(Randalstown Cultural Awareness)Norah Mott (NCDG) and Paul Quigley(NCDG). INAT 14- NEILLSBROOK 2.

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Neillsbrook Community Development Group recently hosted a very successful Drugs on our Streets, drugs awareness evening.

This recent event attracted a large gathering of participants from a wide range of groupings in the area.

Emma McElhone of Northern Health and Social Care Trust led the evening’s proceedings and a spread of queries from all in attendance were answered.

The event provided an opportunity for adults to see what drugs on the streets actually looked like and also made the tell-tale signs of drug-taking known.Sam Bell, Chair of Randalstown Cultural Awareness Association, congratulated NCDG on raising the drugs issues within the community.

“It provided a fantastic base for the community to collectively address the problem and raise awareness of support services to those involved and their families that help that is available,” Mr Bell said.

Meanwhile, local Councillor Linda Clarke has commended the PSNI and local community groups on their zero tolerance stance towards drugs.

“As a representative for the area I want to commend the work that groups are doing and the public stance they are taking in terms of events in the past and plans for the future in order to stop drug pushers,” Cllr. Clarke said.

She added: “As a mother of three, I understand the pressures that families have to face but certainly drug addiction must be one of the highest concerns that a parent can have.”

Referring to a recent PSNI campaign ‘Drug Dealers Don’t Care, Do You?’, Cllr. Clarke said is poses a question to us all.

“If we care then attend these drug awareness events held within the community as it is a perception that people think it will never appear at their front door,” Cllr. Clarke said.

She added: “The PSNI, community groups and local Randalstown band have already taken action in order to raise awareness of drugs and to stop drug pushing within the community, however the PSNI depend a lot on public support for information and therefore I would encourage if anyone has any suspicion or any information to come forward to the PSNI in order to adopt a zero tolerance policy to drugs.”

South Antrim Community Network would like to take this opportunity to thank all who attended the awareness evening.

This talk can be provided in conjunction with NHSCT to any community group across the Northern Area. Information can also be collected from the SACN office at anytime on various health and community development issues or if you would us to send an information pack with various leaflets to your group, please contact Sarah Best on 028 9447 8645 or

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