Council to sniff out ‘noxious smells’

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Council officers are being tasked to sniff out the cause of “extremely noxious smells” in the Crumlin and Randalstown areas.

Councillors last week raised concerns after being contacted by local residents about the stench being emitted in both areas in recent weeks.

Councillor Kieran McMullan told council’s Environment and Borough Services Committee, he had been contacted by a number of Randalstown residents this week over a strong slurry smell permeating the town.

“I’ve lived in Randalstown for over 40 years and it has never been this bad,” Cllr. McMullan said.

He added that people living in rural areas knew that slurry smells are to be expected, but he said, this was the worst it’s ever been.

“This year it’s bad; there’s something really noxious,” Cllr. McMullan said.

Cllrs. Roy Thompson and Annemarie Logue said residents in Crumlin were experiencing similar issues.

Cllr. Thompson said he’d spoken to council’s Environmental Health Team and said they “acknowledged there is a problem”, adding he hoped it could be dealt with urgently.

Cllr. Logue added it was an “on-going issue” which had occurred in previous years.

“The stench is horrific; it’s not a normal slurry smell,” Cllr. Logue said.

She added that residents couldn’t put their washing out or open the windows, and added: “This is detrimental to their quality of life.”

Cllr. Adrian Watson, who was chairing the meeting, said residents were being asked to keep records and suggested the three councillors meet with Ian Suiter, council’s Assistant Director of Environmental Health to discuss the issue further.

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