Cushinan highlights Toome housing survey

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A local councillor has called on people to respond to a Housing Executive survey establishing the future housing needs of Toome.

The Housing Executive is currently examining the need for new social rented or affordable housing (part rent/part buy)in Toome.

Councillor Henry Cushinan said that the latent demand survey is being carried out to assess the housing needs in the Toome area.

“From January 27 to February 28 the Housing Executive intend to carry out a telephone survey to establish the future housing needs of Toome,” Cllr. Cushinan said.

He added: “This latent demand survey hopes to identify anyone who would like to live in Toome.”

Local people are asked to register their interest with the Housing Executive.

“In the past people have seen no point in putting their names down on Housing Executive waiting lists as there are never any houses available and all too often have to leave their home area to access housing,” Cllr. Cushinan said.

He added: “I would encourage anyone interested in making their home in Toome in the next number of years to take this opportunity to state clearly that they demand that homes are built for them where they want to live.

“They can do this by ringing 02825667881 and registering their interest.”

If you would like to live in Toome but are unable to find suitable accommodation then register with the Housing Executive by ringing 028 25667881 before February 28.

If you register an interest, you may be contacted by a Housing Officer to complete an application.

It is important that anyone in housing need is registered so that the Housing Executive can accurately assess the level of need before deciding if housing is required.

If the Housing Executive establishes a need for new housing this is highlighted to housing associations who may then seek to identify and develop an appropriate site. Any development proposals will be subject to DOE Planning Service approval and funding.

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