Dog control condition after man is bitten

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A local dog owner is to be served a notice that a control condition has been placed on the dog’s licence.

Antrim Councillors last week agreed to a recommendation by council officers that the dog should be kept securely confined in a building, yard or other enclosure, when not under the owner’s control, following an alleged incident earlier this year.

In a report to the council’s Environment and Borough Services Committee, it was noted that a complaint had been made by a member of the public who said they had been bitten by a German Shepherd type dog while walking in the Antrim town area.

The report noted that the dog was unaccompanied and disappeared after the incident.

The complainant received bites to both arms and his right thigh during the attack.

Investigations revealed that a German Shepherd type dog had strayed from its keeper’s propoerty and had subsequently been returned to the owner by the PSNI.

The were no reports received by the council from the PSNI regarding the alleged dog attack or by the licensed keeper on the return of the dog.

There was also no evidence to prove that this was the same dog responsible for the alleged attack, however it was confirmed that the dog had been straying from its keeper’s property at the time.

During an inspection of the dog’s enclosure, it was ascertained that the dog was secured within a compound with a gate secured by a bolt and padlock but heavy wind had broken the gate, allowing the dog to escape.

It was noted in the report that the gate has since been repaired with two bolts and padlocks attached.

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