Election: Antrim DEA results

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The new Antrim District Electoral Area takes in Antrim town centre, Fountain Hill, Greystone, Springfarm, Steeple and Stiles, with six seats in the new Antrim and Newtownabbey super council

Turnout: 6,040

Valid poll: 5,939

Poll percentage: 41.92%

Quota: 849

First preference vote (in brackets vote after transfers):

Richard Cairns, TUV; 560 (eliminated after stage 5)

Adrian Cochrane-Watson, UUP; 785 (858.24 after stage 4)

Brian Graham, DUP; 540 (eliminated after stage 3

Nigel Kells, DUP; 662 (1,026 after stage 2)

Neil Kelly, Alliance; 620 (876.39 after stage 5)

Roisin Lynch, SDLP; 608 (697.94 elected without meeting quota)

Noel Maguire, SF; 632 (649.98 eliminated after stage 7)

Sian O’Neill, Alliance; 185 (eliminated after stage 1)

Drew Ritchie, UUP; 572 (1,009.25 after stage 5)

John Smyth, DUP; 631 (856.79)

George Young, NI21: 144 (eliminated after stage 1)

Elected: Nigel Kells (DUP), Adrian Cochrane-Watson (UUP), John Smyth (DUP), Neil Kelly (Alliance), Drew Ritchie (UUP), and Roisin Lynch (SDLP).

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