Election: Kells’ concern over Dublin Road 
disabled access

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DUP election candidate for Antrim town, Nigel Kells, has spoken of his concerns over disabled access in the Dublin Road area.

Mr Kells said that after visiting with relatives of a wheelchair user on Greenview Way, he had been prompted to contact both Roads Service and NI Water over the issue.

“After visiting with the gentleman’s family it was clear that he had no access point from one side of Greenview Way to the other,” Mr Kells said.

He added: “This had stopped him getting to his local convenience store and on into the town independently. I

“I have requested that this be rectified as soon as possible by inserting a dropped curb adjacent to where his disabled access leads out from his house and that dropped curbs be inserted at the end of this road, at its junction with Woodland Grove, as anyone coming up here be they disabled or an elderly person would have considerable difficulty crossing the road safely.

“I have requested that all these issues be dealt with as a matter of urgency as we cannot have a situation in 2014, were anyone in our community feels unsafe leaving their own home.”

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