Election: McGrath voices concerns over speeding

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Julian McGrath, Alliance Party local election candidate, has called for caution on our roads after receiving numerous complaints about speeding or inconsiderate road usage on the main arterial routes into and out of Randalstown.

Mr McGrath said he had been asked by a number of residents, pedestrians and cyclists to raise the issue of speeding on the main arterial routes in and out of the town.

“I have been pushing to get some of the issues addressed. There are limits however as to what government agencies can achieve if road users are intent on ignoring their surroundings,” Mr McGrath said.
He said that the summer months and longer evenings are a particularly busy time on the roads.

“As a keen runner and cyclist, as well as a motorist, I know how dangerous some of our roads are,” Mr McGrath said.

He added: “It’s about sensible road use by all parties and most of all it’s about patience and reducing speed and expecting the unexpected.”

Mr McGrath supports the DoE’s “Share the Road to Zero” and “Respect other users” campaigns.

“These media campaigns have been relatively successful as fatalities on our roads are coming down,” Mr McGrath said.

He added: “I think the latest advertisement is excellent. Nonetheless, with 22 fatalities on Northern Ireland’s roads so far this year, we can’t be complacent and drivers must expect to come across a walker, runner or cyclist around any corner at any time.

“The Giro d’Italia coming to our roads is obviously great news and as a consequence I anticipate an increase in the number of recreational cyclists on the road in the subsequent months.”

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