Kinahan seeks pollution answers

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South Antrim MLA Danny Kinahan has received answers from Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy over Sewer Overflow at Muckamore Bridge over ongoing pollution incidents at the combined sewer overflow at Muckamore Bridge on the Six Mile Water River.

The UUP Assemblyman was subsequently informed that in the past two months NI Water has undertaken extensive dye investigations in the sewerage network and properties in the vicinity of Muckamore Bridge area to ascertain the root cause of pollution incidents in the area.

Some 253 properties have been tested to date with the initial focus on targeting areas identified as likely locations for misconnections.

Whilst more time will be required to explore the issues identified to date in full, the high level findings include that misconnections were found at five properties. NIW was unable to gain access to eight properties which had neighbouring properties possessing misconnections.

A foul sewer was found to be blocked and overflowing into the storm sewer. The blockages were cleared and the manholes and storm lines cleaned

Mr Kinahan was also advised that once the full extent of the issue is established, NI Water will liaise with NIEA to establish a prioritisation rank for this area, in relation to other identified areas of misconnections across Northern Ireland.

Subject to this location being given an adequate ranking in the prioritisation matrix and allocation of funding within PC15 to address misconnections, a programme of work may then be developed and taken forward to address this issue.

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