Local events held as part of Nutrition and Hydration Week

Afternoon tea in Rosedale.

Afternoon tea in Rosedale.

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Local nursing homes and staff at Antrim Area Hospital marked Nutrition and Hydration Week by taking part in a global afternoon tea event.

The aim of the week was to highlight the importance of good nutrition and hydration in health and social care settings and advise patients and service users of action they could take to improve their nutritional intake.

Facilities taking part held an afternoon tea for the patients and service users to promote the DHSSPS Promoting Good Nutrition Strategy, and to raise the awareness with staff that afternoon tea is an opportunity to increase patient calorie and fluid intake.

Antrim Area Hospitals took part along with Day Centres, Residential Homes and Supported living facilities. Some facilities were visited by the National President of the Hospital Caterers Association, Fionnuala Cook, who did a tour to encourage good nutrition and political representatives were also in attendance at some events.

Olive MacLeod, Director of Nursing and Patient Experience for the Northern Trust, said: “We were keen to promote Nutrition and Hydration Week as we know that many people within health and care settings are at high risk of malnutrition.

“By raising awareness of the importance of good nutrition and hydration and identifying those individuals at risk of malnutrition we can ensure the appropriate support is put in place and that people receive the care we would expect for our families and ourselves.”

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