Loyalists hold protest outside Antrim PSNI station

Ken Wilkinson, PUP...Loyalist Protest at Antrim PSNI Station

Ken Wilkinson, PUP...Loyalist Protest at Antrim PSNI Station

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Some 50 loyalists gathered outside Antrim PSNI station yesterday to protest about five arrests this week which they allege are linked to an expected supergrass trial.

Ken Wilkinson, of the PUP, SAID that the protest was organised by Families Against Supergrass Trials.

“We are very concerned about arrests this week relating to the testimony of another supergrass, from Newtownabbey,” he said.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, there were a total of five arrests, two in north Belfast, and the rest in the Shankill, Antrim and Templepatrick areas, he said. The five were taken to the holding centre at Antrim PSNI station.

Mr Wilkinson said: “This is a two-tier justice system – we have had immunity for the republican on the runs and then the arrest of all these loyalists. It is not acceptable.

“Then Gerry Adams has had the audacity to have his solicitor write to the PSNI to ask if they want to talk to him about Jean McConville’s murder.”

The PSNI said they were aware of yesterday’s planned protest.

A spokesperson said: “The police service remains committed to treating everyone equally before the law.”

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