Maguire says Antrim should be ‘a place for all’

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Local councillor Noel Maguire has said local unionist representatives need to ‘step up to the mark’ and engage in meaningful dialogue with the rest of community to help give real meaning to Antrim Council’s motto - ‘A Place for All’.

Cllr. Maguire said that while the pink carpet was rolled out for the Giro d’Italia, “elements within Antrim unionism were busy marking territory”.

He added that there was a “notable step up in the usual assortment of flags around Antrim town” which was accompanied by “a very deliberate display of flags along the Giro route”.

“It’s really disappointing that a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase Antrim to the world, has been marred in this way. I have to say that Antrim Council’s strap line ‘A Place for All’ really rings hollow against the constant proliferation of flags representing just one tradition,” Cllr. Maguire said.

He added: “There appears no appetite among political unionism to address the persistent denial of shared space in Antrim - an issue people are continuously raising with me.

“Venues such as Antrim Civic Centre, Antrim Court House, Steeple Play Park are just a few among many ‘shared spaces’ which are consistently marked out for attention.

“I would call on unionist representatives to actively encourage their community to engage in meaningful dialogue in order to map out a way forward towards a genuine shared society.”

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