Mivan closure a blow to workers and local economy - McLaughlin

Sinn Fein's South Antrim candidate Mitchel McLaughlin. AT9-306JC

Sinn Fein's South Antrim candidate Mitchel McLaughlin. AT9-306JC

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Sinn Féin MLA Mitchel McLaughlin MLA expressed his concern for the impact that Mivan ceasing trading would have on the workforce and the local economy.

Speaking in the Assembly on Tuesday, Mr McLaughlin said: This is a very significant blow to the workers and the local economy. It is a reminder, if we needed it, that the storm clouds, even in the international market, are still with us and that there may be other challenges ahead.

“Although I do not wish to understate the tragedy at a personal level for each of the workers, the company and its workforce were a credit to our regional economy and our skills base.

“The entrepreneurship of the company and its workers, who were prepared to pack up and travel, go abroad and demonstrate their skills and capacity, is something that we should not lose from our local workforce.

“I wonder whether, even in the short term, we can offer the possibility of seeding the potential on existing companies as well.

“It would be an awful tragedy if the skill set that exists from managerial level right down through to the artisan skills were allowed to break up and dissipate.

“I know that the Minister will use every ounce of imagination and creativity to try to retrieve as much as she can out of this setback to lay the groundwork for a comeback.”

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