MP supports call for traffic calming

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South Antrim MP William McCrea has met with Dundrod residents over their concerns for the safety of local road users and pedestrians due to speeding traffic.

Mr McCrea arranged a meeting with DRD Roads Service, PSNI Traffic Management, and a number of local residents to discuss the problems that they face. 

“Local residents are demanding the introduction of traffic calming measures for Dundrod to save lives and to prevent serious injury, and are concerned that such measures have not yet been implemented,” Mr McCrea said.

He added: “At a meeting held last Friday, local residents drew attention to the fact that numerous other areas throughout the province have benefitted from traffic calming measures being introduced, and they put forward a strong case for the provision of such in their own area.

“I understand that DRD Roads Service will begin by undertaking a road traffic survey and I look forward to meeting with officials again when the results become available.”

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