‘No logic in Giro d’Italia route’- Cllr. Watson

Day two route of the Giro D'Italia.

Day two route of the Giro D'Italia.

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A local councillor has raised concerns about the Giro D’Italia route and the effect it will have on residents.

The prestigious international cycle race will have three stages in Northern Ireland, with Antrim set to form part of the route.

As the famous race makes its way through the borough on Saturday, May 12 Fountain Hill, Stiles Way and the Ballymena Road from the Stiles Roundabout (at Junction 1) will be closed from 9.30am on that day.

The Antrim Times recently reported on how councillors were horrified at news the route will not go through the town centre after a veto by the PSNI.

Councillor Adrian Watson told members at last Thursday’s Development and Leisure Committee that this means that residents will essentially be trapped in their homes on that date from that time.

Watson said the route should’ve came through the town instead, “I can’t get out of my home at all come half nine. I do not understand the logic in this not going through the town, we wouldn’t have this problem for over 100 homes,” he said.

Cllr. Watson then asked if these residents would be informed of the traffic measures in place on that day.

He added: “We have four developments here (affected) how do we communicate this for these people?

“Are we making sure that somebody does that?”

Director of Development, Leisure and Borough Services Geraldine Girvan said: “Police and Roads Service are doing this jointly, signs will go up on the road eight days before the event and flyers will be delivered through doors in this area.

Meanwhile the Council have agreed to allow use of the Civic Centre as a ‘spectator hub’ on the Saturday.

Members agreed to allow the facility to be used for car parking (subject to the closure of Stiles Way from 9.30am)

The public would also get access to the building with the possibility of family entertainment and refreshments provided for spectators waiting for cyclists to arrive.

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