Police appeal after electric fences are stolen

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Police in Antrim are appealing for information after a report of theft at the Moneynick Road, Randalstown area.

Sometime between 11pm on Friday, August 15 and 5am on Saturday, August 16, it was reported that two electric fences had been stolen in the area.

The two fences are valued at approximately £400 and enquiries are continuing.

Police would like to take this opportunity to encourage those living in rural communities across Antrim to take steps to ensure they keep their homes and property secure.

Thefts of farm machinery and livestock not only hamper a farmer’s ability to do his job but can cause significant upset, inconvenience and loss of income.

A spokesperson said: “We would encourage members of the rural community to register with Farm Watch.

“Farmers who register free with Farm Watch are given specific `Farm Watch` branded signage to erect at their farm, home or along the roadside to act as a deterrent to would-be criminals as well as being provided with a unique property marking kit to security mark any valuable equipment.”

Police officers also regularly host trailer marking and information events at local marts and rural groups. Trailer marking involves painting a unique ID mark on trailers and other farm equipment in an easily visible area using specialist paint and stencils. The trailer owner’s details and ID mark are recorded and held on a PSNI database which can then be checked if a trailer is seen in a location at a time that’s unusual. TRACKER or CESAR technology fitted to farming equipment also helps police recover valuable machinery.

The spokesperson added: “Information from the community is also vital in helping us address rural crime. You know your own area best and if you notice something which does not look right, are aware of machinery moving at odd times or notice unusual attention being paid to livestock in fields, phone police.

“We need this information to target our resources and respond in the best way. We would much rather take the time to check out a call that proves to show nothing untoward than miss an opportunity to stop a crime or catch criminals in the act.”

Anyone who is interested in learning more about protecting their property and their community or about Farm Watch, trailer marking or text alert system is asked to phone the local crime prevention officer or neighbourhood policing team on 101.

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