Proposal to create a field of Poppies

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A field in Antrim could resemble something from Normandy following the suggestion of transforming it into a field of poppies to commemorate the First World War

Councillor Adrian Watson told members that the council should be taking steps to commemorate the Great War and informed them about the suggestion to turn a field behind the Antrim Forum into a Poppy Field.

He said: “The ploughed field behind Antrim Forum could be turned into a field of poppies for the summer period.

“I don’t think that this is a contentious decision.”

Watson warned that any such plans would need to take place soon as it is already spring, “This is March and if you want to do something then it has to be done as soon as possible.”

“Newtownabbey are going to develop a trench which accurately shows children what happened.

“If Newtownabbey can do it (something to commemorate the First World War), then Antrim can,” he added.

“We can’t just leave it to the Royal British Legion. We would need to take something before the council, we can’t let it go by and not commemorate it. ”

Director of Development, Leisure and Borough Services Geraldine Girvan explained that officers are currently working on proposals.

She said: “We are working on a programme of activities, trying to establish speakers, names, dates and schools.

“Within a month there should be a programme to be considered.”

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