Ritchie: ‘Victory for caravanners’

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Alderman Drew Ritchie has hailed the exclusion of caravans from an EU roadworthiness package as a “victory” for local caravan owners.

Earlier this month, the EU voted in favour of new measures that aim to improve road safety through periodic road worthiness testing and the inspection of road vehicles in Northern Ireland and across Europe.

Ald, Ritchie said that while laudable in intent, the original proposals from the European Commission were “over-zealous”, subjecting caravan owners to an intrusive inspection regime despite caravans accounting for less than one per cent of all road accidents.

“Hearing the concerns of many local caravan owners, it is clear that the original measures put forward by the Commission were well-intentioned, but wrong-headed,” Ald. Ritchie said.

He added: “I am glad to see practicality has prevailed. The outcome of this vote is a victory for local caravan owners, and the adoption of the Directive will improve road safety across the European Union.”

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