Smyth calls on bin costs review

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A local councillor has called for Antrim Borough Council to reconsider its bin charging policy.

Councillor John Smyth said it was unfair for residents whose bins had been damaged through no fault of their own to be expected to pay for a replacement bin.

Cllr. Smyth raised the issue at last Thursday’s monthly meeting of council, and suggested that damaged bins should be replaced at cost price.

“I think it would really help rate-payers by replacing them at cost price,” Cllr. Smyth said.

Cllr. Adrian Watson said he was in agreement that council should do its best to help rate-payers and said the issue had been previously raised by Cllr. Neil Kelly.

Cllr. Watson advised that through the Development and Leisure committee, which he chairs, the issue had been raised and it had been suggested that the council look at how Newtownabbey Council charges for bins.

With the two councils set to merge, Cllr. Watson said officers were trying to bring the two councils “into sync”, and added: “There is little point changing things at this time for them to only be changed a few months down the line.”

Geraldine Girvan, Director of Development and Leisure, said the issue was a priority but that it was down to timing and the council merger.

Cllr. Kelly said he hoped the matter could be “resolved sooner rather than later”.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr. Smyth maintained that “the very least councils can do is supply a replacement bin at cost”.

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