‘Souvenir amnesty’ for hotel guests

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The Holiday Inn Express Antrim has revealed the most common and unusual items pinched and invites past offenders to come clean for charity.

Antrim’s Holiday Inn Express is giving past guests the chance to come clean and return items they’ve ‘borrowed’ from the hotel over the years – guilt and consequence free – and all for the benefit of Macmillan Cancer Support.

The hotel is encouraging guests to hand in their guilty little souvenirs to reception throughout June, and will donate £1 to Macmillan Cancer Support for every item returned.

To mark the event, the hotel has also released details of the top items that regularly go missing, and the more unusual items that guests have taken home with them.

The top five most commonly pinched items are towels, pens, mugs, teaspoons and pillows. Room key cards were also popular, with hotel staff reporting that they are most commonly taken in the winter and used to scrape icy car windscreens.

More unusual items included kettles, TV remote controls and irons.

The hotel’s management company, Redefine|BDL Hotels estimates that around 11,700 towels, 9,000 teaspoons and a whopping 133,100 pens are taken from its 54 hotels across the UK each year.

Diane McMullan, General Manager at Holiday Inn Express Antrim, said: “Over the years we’ve noticed that there are definitely some favourite items to pocket when staying in our hotel, and we’ve come across some pretty bizarre ones too.

“We thought it would be good to offer past guests the chance to own up and return their ‘souvenirs’ to reception throughout June – consequence free. Not only will they be easing their guilt, they’ll be helping us to raise money for our nominated charity, Macmillan.

“We look forward to being reunited with some of the things that have gone missing over the years – who knows, we might come across some items we didn’t even know were gone!”

Guests can hand items in to the hotel reception any time in June.

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