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Antrim Borough Council is encouraging everyone to think green when lighting the barbie!

Leona Donaghy, Environmental Officer with Antrim Borough Council, said: “When the sun comes out we all like to have friends and family round for a barbecue, however it can generate a lot of waste. I would encourage everyone to think before they barbecue. We all have a tendency to overbuy food so it’s a good idea to have a shopping list to hand and when choosing the items on your list, try and avoid over packaged foods.”

Leona explained that tThe blue bin is an excellent and very convenient way of recycling all those empty drinks cans, rinsed tin foil and tin foil trays and empty plastic sauce bottles.

Dirty napkins, chicken bones and other cooked or raw scraps can be put into your food caddy and then into the brown bin where they will be made into compost.

Don’t forget about glass jars and bottles. With the metal caps and lids attached, these are 100% recyclable at the three Household Recycling Centres at Newpark, Craigmore and Crumlin.”

Mayor Antrim, Councillor Brian Graham, said: “If everyone was to recycle their leftovers and empty containers it would make a big difference in reducing waste which is great news for the environment and great news for Antrim.”

The Love Food Hate Waste Campaign recently quoted that many of us will now spend around £35 on food and drink for a barbecue, up from £19 just five years ago.

So here are a few top tips to help your money go further…

If you’re inviting lots of guests and aren’t sure how much to buy and cook, try Love Food Hate Waste’s online perfect portion calculator at

If you take advantage of any multibuy offers, but don’t use all the food, be sure to freeze any extra packs of meat and bread rolls right away.

If you’ve got veg which is past its best - such as courgettes, aubergines and peppers - brush them with olive oil and chargrill until soft.

Add a dollop of leftover dip to a cold burger for lunch the next day, having made sure the burger was stored in the right conditions.

Cold sausages are great for picnics, again providing they have been stored properly.

Transform leftover chopped onions, tomatoes or potatoes into an omelette or Spanish tortilla.

Bread rolls that have gone a bit stale will be delicious toasted or make them into breadcrumbs and freeze for making stuffings, bread sauce or mix with grated cheese for a gratin topping.

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