Tyres dumped at Nutts Corner

Councillor Annemarie Logue with the tyres which were dumped in the Nutts Corner area.

Councillor Annemarie Logue with the tyres which were dumped in the Nutts Corner area.

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Local Sinn Féin Councillor Anne Marie Logue, has expressed concern regarding a series of illegal tyre dumping incidents in the Nutts Corner and Belfast Road areas.

Councillor Logue said that over recent weeks there have been a number of places that have experienced the illegal dumping of tyres.

“Some of the sites include along the busy Belfast Road, Nutts Corner and Ballyhill Road,” Cllr. Logue said.

She added: “Those responsible care little for local people or the local environmental impact. At times up to a thousand tyres have been dumped across these sites.”

Cllr. Logue said the financial effect of this illegal dumping is that the cost of clean up and disposal will have to met by Antrim Borough Council or the Department of Regional Development.

“In essence this will be rate-payers’ money going to tackle this scourge diverting much needed funding from other projects,” Cllr. Logue said.

She added: “While the vast majority of those who operate in the motor and tyre industry are disposing of their tyres in accordance with the regulations there are obviously an element who are willfully ignoring them. This is unacceptable and places a burden on us all.

“What we need to see is tougher enforcement of the regulations or indeed revised legislation to deal with this matter.”

Cllr. Logue said she had also contacted the PSNI regarding this issue and had assured they are taking the matter seriously. T

“hese incidents did not happen on isolated lane ways or country back roads, they are on busy roads,” Cllr. Logue said.

She added: “ I would urge people to be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour immediately to the PSNI.”

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