‘Union Jack will always by NI flag - Clarke

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DUP South Antrim MLA Trevor Clarke has insisted that the Union Jack will always be the Northern Ireland flag following recent discussions on the issue.

Mr Clarke said the discussion around the Northern Ireland flag is at best ridiculous, as “one only has to look at how the National flag for the UK is made up”.

“While others feel it doesn’t represent them, this flag combines the crosses of the three countries united under one Sovereign the kingdoms of England and Wales, of Scotland and finally those who put up most of the arguments, the last part represent Ireland,” Mr Clarke said.

Mr Clarke added: “Those who complain need to grow up, regardless what nationality they claim as individuals if they lived in the neighbouring Ireland, they would have their national flag; the tricolour, if they lived in the USA they would have their national flag; the stars and stripes.

“If I lived in any of these regions I would accept the national flag of the respective countries. Therefore I suggest that people need to accept where they live and respect the national flag.

“No one is suggesting they give up their nationality, just as the Government should not give up or give in to proposing a new national flag, to suit the minority.”

Mr Clarke added: “There are many pressing issues that time and energy would be better spent on and therefore I suggest that people put their time and energy into solving more important issues than squabbling over flags, which are not up for debate.”

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