Hedgerow Hopes project comes to Castle Gardens

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Do you know a Blackthorn from a Hawthorn, or an Oak from an Ash?

Join a special twiggy Hedgerow Hopes event on Wednesday, March 19, between 10am and 1pm, at Antrim Castle Gardens and learn how your senses can help identify the different hedgerow species through the twigs, buds and bark.

Ruth Wilson, Biodiversity Officer with Antrim Borough Council, said: “In winter, when many trees have lost their leaves, one of the best ways to identify them is by their twigs and buds.”

Ruth continued: “Following the course you will want to look closely next time you’re out exploring. What does the shape of the twig and the colour of the bark tell you? Do the buds grow opposite each other, or at alternate points along the twig? What about the size, shape and colour of the buds?

“Many trees have unique features that give important clues to their identity. Ash trees have distinctive black, pointy buds. Hawthorn buds are arranged along a zig-zag fashion along its slender twigs. Elder buds are in clusters along their twigs, the wood is hollow and known as bore wood as it has a spongy centre and was used for flute and pipe making.”

The event is part of the Hedgerow Hopes Project which is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Hedgerow Hopes project aims to get local people involved in the management and restoration of native hedgerows in the Borough.

For further information or to book a place, please contact Ruth Wilson on 028 9446 3113 Ext 1371 or email ruth.wilson@antrim.gov.uk

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