Lone working advice seminar

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STRESS doesn’t have to be stessful, nor does lone working.

Antrim Enterprise Agency, the leading business support organisation in the Antrim borough, is running a seminar on Monday, January 21 at Farranshane House from 4pm to 7pm on Lone Working and Staying Safe.

The enterprise centre has recognised that stress can be particularly damaging for owner-managers and the self-employed especially if they are working in an environment where their personal safety is at risk and have come up with the seminar in conjunction with Stay Safe Systems, who specialise in the area of lone workers and staff who may be at risk of violence and aggression due to their work activities, duties or location.

Jennifer McWilliams, Antrim Enterprise Agency, said: “The seminar will do much more than provide effective personal safety awareness and defence techniques as the trainer will provide delegates with a clear understanding of how aggressive tendencies can be recognised and dealt with at the earliest opportunity. The trainer has a proactive approach to dealing with verbal and physical aggression and work on the ethos that ‘prevention is better than cure’.”

The seminar is free to attend, as funded through Public Health Agency and South Antrim Community Network’s Promoting Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Small Grants Scheme.

However, participants must register in advance, by contact Jennifer at Antrim Enterprise Agency 9446 7774 or Jennifer@antrimenterprise.com

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