Parkgate group keen to watch out for its neighbours

Julian McGrath ;  Right : Brendan Magill, Parkgate & District Community Group Secretary

Julian McGrath ; Right : Brendan Magill, Parkgate & District Community Group Secretary

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The Parkgate & District Community Group (PDCG) is currently looking for volunteers and feedback from local residents surrounding an idea to set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in the area.

Ian Montgomery, Chairperson, said: “we essentially need some people in the village who think it’s a good idea and who are prepared to coordinate the scheme in a small area of approximately 20-30 houses in their respective developments”.

Brendan Magill, Secretary of PDCG, said: “We are putting a flyer through every door in the village to gauge interest. We would encourage anyone who can help in any way at all to either pop the reply slip from the flyer into the brown box set aside in the Parkgate Spar or simply email your details to

Group member, Julian McGrath, said: “This is something we have discussed in the community group but as it involves wider participation we really want to give our local community the opportunity to get involved. The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme would bring huge benefits to Parkgate including crime prevention and reducing the fear of crime. It’s not that we have any real problems with this in Parkgate but the Neighbourhood Watch signs would be a clear indicator to any would-be criminals passing through the village that this is a community that looks out for each other. It might make them think twice.”

“We have looked through all of the details surrounding this UK wide scheme”, continues Julian, “and are satisfied that any prospective co-ordinators will be well supported, well trained and most importantly have sufficient access to the PSNI support network. Indeed the PSNI have spoken to the community group about the benefits of such a scheme. We hope for a good response to the flyers.”

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