Rescue dog Boomer would like to shake your hand

Seven year old Boomer is looking for a good home.

Seven year old Boomer is looking for a good home.

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CROSSKENNAN Lane Animal Sanctuary in Antrim is looking for a caring permanent home for Boomer, a loveable rescued dog. When 7 year old Boomer was first admitted to the charity’s care he was in a dreadful condition.

He was part of a welfare case and was HALF his normal bodyweight due to the extent of neglect he had suffered. Boomer is a beautiful, bright, playful dog who has amazed everyone with his ability to trust again.

He loves to go for walks and his party trick is to shake your hand by giving his paw!

He will make a fantastic family pet as he is excellent with other animals and children.

Today he is almost at his optimum weight and will be neutered soon. All he needs now is a loving permanent home to call his own.

If you think you can find space in your life for this happy dog, please contact Crosskennan on 02894 465384 or to book a home visit.

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