Temporary closure of public right of way

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Due to upgrading works being carried out by the Department of Social Development to ‘Workers Bridge’, the public right of way running from the Belfast Road to Abbeyview, Muckamore will be closed from March 3 to 17.

Elaine Upton, Countryside and Physical Activity Development Manager with Antrim Borough Council, said: “Due to safety concerns posed by the necessary upgrading works, the council will be closing this pathway for a period of two weeks. Whilst we are aware it is a public right of way, under Article 19 of the Access to the Countryside (NI) Order 1983, we have the powers to make an order to temporarily close a public right of way on the grounds of public safety.”

Elaine added: “A copy of this Order will be displayed at either end of the affected path throughout the period of closure. We are endeavouring to make contact with as many local user groups as possible who may be affected, for example canoeing, walking and angling groups, so as to ensure the closure takes place with minimum disruption.”

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